India Veg Oil Price Trend :Sudhakar Desai, President IVPA interview with ET Now Swadesh (07.07.2022)

Price Outlook with Mr. Hemant Bansal at Globoil Intl. DUBAI on 10th May 2022

Impact of Indonesia lifting Ban on Prices & Supply - Sudhakar Desai, President IVPA on ETNow Swadesh

Hemant Bansal in an Interview with Zee Business

18 June 2020 – Zee Business

18 June 2020 – Zee Business

Buzz Session – Key Drivers Veg Oil Price Equilibrium

CNBC Awaz 24 09 2020

Edible Oil Scenario discussion on CNBC Awaz

CNBC interview on AGRI business - Mr. Sudhakar Desai, President IVPA

IVPA Global WEBINAR : Is COVID a bull or bear for Veg Oils?

42nd Annual Session of IVPA

IVPA welcomes the Move of Govt to reduce Duty 27.11.2020

IVPA views on import duties- ZEE Business 23.01.2020

IVPA on Restriction of Refined Palm/Palmolein Zee Business 09.01.2020

IVPA on Duty & Prices - Zee Business 20.11.2020

IVPA recommends SLAB Duty Structure -Zee Business 06.11.2020

Short Interview of President, IVPA - Zee Business 30.09.2020

IVPA on edible oil prices -CNBC Awaaz 17.09.2020

Edible Oil Market Outlook 25.01.2021 (Zee Business)

IVPA Budget Expectations 24.01.2021 (CNBC Awaaz)

IVPA on Slab Duty System 14.01.2021 (Zee Business)

IVPA on Slab Duty System -13.01.2021 (CNBC Awaaz)

Demand and Supply Scenario on Edible Oils - Mr Sudhakar Desai (28.12. 2020) CNBC Awaaz

IVPA on Edible Oil Mkt Outlook- 04.01.2021 - Zee Business

IVPA President On Vegetable Oil Macros - Zee Business 24.02.2021

Volatility in Agriculture commodities Prices- Importance of Price Risk Management and Role of Derivatives Markets (09.03.2021)

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